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Raising the bar with moulded panels

Unlike conventional ballistic panels for women, this panel stands out by being anatomically moulded rather than relying on additional stitchwork. This streamlined design ensures a perfect fit without compromising on protection.

Featherweight design

With a weight of only approximately 3.13 [1] kg/sqm for VPAM 3 [2] and approximately 3.61 [1] kg/sqm for SK1 [3], the FlexGuard Women’s Soft-Ballistic Panel stands out as one of the lightest soft-ballistic panels on the market.

This remarkable lightweight design ensures wearers experience minimal fatigue during extended wear, providing unparalleled comfort and protection throughout the day.

[1] Weight without ballistic insert cover
[2] Without “point-blank” shot
[3] Including “point-blank” shot

A perfect fit for all shapes and sizes

At Mehler Protection, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every female officer receives a ballistic protection vest that fits perfectly. In addition to providing a range of standard sizes, we conduct onsite measurements to ensure each vest is custom-fitted for optimal comfort and protection.

Men's / Unisex
Soft Ballistic