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In a class by itself.

The panel is unlike conventional ballistic panels for women because it is not formed by means of additional stitchwork. Instead, the panel itself is anatomically moulded to create a streamlined fit.

Featherlight bullet-stopping power.

At only approximately 3.1[1] kg/per sqm for VPAM 3[2] and approximately 3.6 [1] kg/per sqm for SK1[3], the FlexGuard Woman’s Soft Ballistic Panel is amongst the lowest-weight soft ballistic panels available.

This is why wearers feel far less fatigued after wearing it all day and much more comfortable the entire time they have it on.

[1] *Weight without ballistic insert cover*
[2] *Without “point-blank” shot*
[3] *Including “point-blank” shot*

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Soft Ballistic