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Adaptable as Needs Change

Going beyond conventional headgear design, modular Omega Ballistic Helmets are in reality a scalable platform: their rails, shroud, clips, and hook-and-loop surfaces permit effortless attachment of additional ballistic protection, headsets, oxygen masks, NVG devices, and other mission-critical items as needed.

Ventilation channels
3D head mesh
Rubber coated
ratchet wheel
Adjustable harness

Enduring Comfort for Extended Use

The Mehler Protection Omega Ballistic Helmets are designed to remain supremely comfortable for however long they sit atop an operator’s head. The key is their secure fit made possible by adjustable forehead, neck, and temple padding paired with an advanced harness system and non-slip rubber-coated ratchet wheel. Internal ventilation channels and 3D head mesh promote enhanced air circulation for optimised interior temperature regulation.