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Adaptable as Needs Change

The Omega helmet’s biggest advantage is its modularity and scalability. These allow it to be used for a remarkable gamut of mission types. And thanks to the helmet’s modular platform, it offers upgradable ballistic protection and compatibility with a wide range of gear.

Modular components that include rails, shroud, clips, and multiple hook-and-loop surfaces make it easy to configure the helmet for virtually any task by attaching mission-critical equipment (examples: headsets, oxygen masks, and NVG devices, to mention but a few).

Ventilation channels
3D head mesh
Rubber coated
ratchet wheel
Adjustable harness

Enduring Comfort for Extended Use

The Mehler Protection Omega Ballistic Helmets are designed to remain supremely comfortable for however long they sit atop an operator’s head.

The key is their secure fit made possible by adjustable forehead, neck, and temple padding paired with an advanced harness system and non-slip rubber-coated ratchet wheel. Internal ventilation channels and 3D head mesh promote enhanced air circulation for optimised interior temperature regulation.

Balance of Weight vs. Performance

The Omega helmets deliver both state-of-the-art ballistic protection and superb lightweight comfort without compromising mission-critical features.

This makes them the perfect combat helmet for highly intensive missions where protection and extended comfort are of the utmost importance.